Origin - Sinyaru Island Retreat House that has a new ground on top that everyone can enjoy

Origin - Sinyaru Island Retreat House that has a new ground on top that everyone can enjoy

Site Location: Sinyaru Island, Indonesia
Status: Design
Team: Lim Gim Huang, Rodney Lai, Kent Leong

Touch the earth lightly - The mantra of the entire project conception brought us into conceiving the traditional raised floor house on stilt, have floor and roof voids that appreciate the ground, the foliage on-site, big stone, small gravels, the tree, and the weather (the sky).

When a house footprint is occupied, we return it in the form of roof access with vegetation that has an external staircase. In that way, the user experiences the place each time before accessing the roof, i.e. the weather, the site breeze, the smell, the outdoor temperature, and it is made publicly accessible as a gesture in "returning" the occupied ground back to the mother earth where it will be used to build private retreat house.

On the top of the roof, a traditional Joglo roof form is added in response to the vernacular context of Indonesia in a contemporary function. It continues the turfing on the roof and forms tangible slanting walls for leisure body disposition. It also has a roof vent that provides habitant underneath ventilation, air, lights, and most all, the connection to the ever-changing weather.

The Design Process

Island site. The required retreat house footprint occupied.

Roof as a shelter

Long roof eaves for tropical local climate and weather. The deep overhand shades house habitant from the hot sun.

Configuring access to the top of the roof

The program. 

The enclosure of the program underneath, and the new footprint above.

Structure and structural defamiliarization into a random manner and an organic spatial configuration.

Raised floor for ventilation that has a "touch the earth lightly" gesture.

Raised floor slab

Floor opening that enhances site intact experience. It creates adaptive variation from one local region to another based on the site foliage the opening will allow framing and access to - a big stone, dead tree log, pile of gravels, or the type of sand beneath it. 

the overall configuration 

options and variation

more options and variation

external access to the "new ground" on top of the roof

Connecting the house to the site through potential user experience. More openings on walls and floor considered.

The new ground. The roof is a return of the land the footprint the house occupied to form a public leisure area. 

Roof openings that connect habitant to the sky, air, light, climate and ventilation.

The traditional Indonesia Joglo roof gesture interpreted in a contemporary way. A turf landscape that everyone can enjoy.

Vegetations that repays the Mother-nature apart from being a biophilic design.