Form Follows Light. Lighting design defines and investigates formal spaces and creativity perceived in a house.

Form Follows Light. Lighting design defines and investigates formal spaces and creativity perceived in a house.
Apartment renovation phase 1 - lighting design, planning, light fitting, and shades installation

Can lighting effect and light fitting define the interchangeability of spaces, cue of activity, and potential creativity of users arranging spaces in a house?

The poetic aspect of the spaces or the way lighting design affect the spaces

The proposed lighting designs that give a sense of the scale of the indoor spaces, enclosing entryway territory, and enable user customizability of the light fitting for different creative use  

Tracklight fitting spatial-psychologically delineate spaces into the entryway and the living area

Delineate spaces by lighting effect

The entryway connects the pantry area in forming an elongated spacious entrance. In Phase 2 design, the living area and the entryway will be separated with a full-height sliding glass door.

Two types of lighting effects with similar output. The concentrated lighting effect focuses on the potential task position while the format of the light points forms an enclosure in gestalt perception.

Task light brings a sense of scale closer to human height. The effect suggests unnecessary uplighting or light height but merely focusing on the task underneath. In phase 2, this area is potentially a work-from-home area with a long table, a partition with a TV at the front, and seating at the back. 

Different lighting effect articulates with one another as one moves around the spaces. The level differences of lighting effects and fitting suggest the potential design of its underneath spaces and the around spaces. In phase 2 design, the high pendant area is a round table dining area. 

"The human light globe". The light fitting can define the spaces its surrounds, its lighting effect can define its content and activity near it. A globe in the junction of spaces breaks convention alignment of the rigidity of house layout and by disabling certain vistas and restricting movements, turn into a radial space within a boxy environment. In phase 2, the spaces near and underneath it is a children's play and study area.

The otherwise underutilized long walkway in the apartment has the same interchangeability of light fitting for different effects in the future. It brightens up the content of a family - the memory of photos, artworks, or paintings. 

The light beam encloses the entryway to the bathroom not only with its lighting effect but the content it enables. The format of the fitting suggests a "walk-in-closet" with certain highlighted important positions, such as the user, the wardrobe, and the walkway. 

Adding definition to the bathroom by different types of lighting effects

Three types of effect: Ambiance, task, and focal. Ambiance allows enclosure, task allows activity such as reading, focal allows focus, attention for meditative purpose, or inspiration.

A provided study area with interchangeability of light fitting and effect in the future. The lighting effect can move the experiential attention of the user around the defined spaces in otherwise confined spaces. 

Tracklight, shades of the blind, and a pendant fitting that adds the complexity of creativity to spaces. The operability to control natural daylight now has more than 3 formats which mean more potential content and function within the spaces.

Adding a sense of scale to the entryway. The hue blurs the boundary between the entryway and the kitchen.

The condition of the TV area before the design

The work-from-home table area (Phase 2). The living is wide enough to fit a work table, a TV in front of it, and a couch that faces the TV. 

The bedroom condition before the design

The operability of the sunblind gives users creativity at the same time utility in protecting their privacy and controlling indoor natural lighting levels. 

In phase 2, a raised floor or a low table seating will be designed in the window area.

A contrasting light fitting that emphasis transition of two spaces of totally different utilities.

Before design

Before design

Before design