Design With Honesty is formed by a new generation architect based in Malaysia with a unique and philosophical approach, it is the architecture and the blog of Lim Gim Huang (Arkitek Gim Huang Lim). Its passion is to remind the world of good humanity and to inspire more people to do great work, through media, interior design, creative work of art and architecture.

From creating the smallest footprint house of 2m x 2m, to having an interior landscape inside an apartment indoor with trees, turning a heritage house of more than 50 years old into a local "scraped wall" cafe, an apartment home with entirely personalize-able walls, a seating variable cafe restaurant that do not have a single identical seating experience, to the fully occupant natural-ventilated apartment in Malaysia. There are more than hundreds of ideas that were created in design with honesty. Gim Huang's unusual approach to architecture has brought true value to place, context and humanity.

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In general, we do building design, planning, drawing, submission to local authorities, certify building including the issuance of the certificate of compliance and completion (CCC).

Architecture Consultancy Services

- Design research, feasibility study of the given project, project planning, philosophy and concept inception.
- Interpreting project brief from the client
- Preparing schematic proposal, conceptual sketch proposal of the project
- Drawing preparation: presentation drawing, submission drawing, tender drawing, construction drawing of the given project
- Project submission to the local authority
- Design development, project follow-up with the local authority
- Site supervision, management, and inspection during construction
- Project contract management and implementation 
- Project certification, CCC, etc.    

General Services And Other Services

- Architectural Consultancy
- Architectural Design and Research 
- Interior Design Planning
- Design Consultancy
- Other design-related works

How Do We Work?