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Translucent, Pudu - Coliving and Celebrating the New and Old Values of the City

Project Type

Architecture, Addition & Alteration



The Translucent, Pudu, conceived as half multi-functional space, half accommodations, is a proposed creative coliving place that is going to house 18 units of BnB with a shared roof garden.

With the existing form that has both the front yard and the backyard recessed like urban pocket spaces, the designs add theatrical spaces, platforms that support seasonal art installation, communal events set up, festive event pop up, big-size banners, and art displays.

The facade that presents mandarin typography becomes an important sun shading element that adds identity to the place and celebrates the mix of its historical and contemporary cultures.

The Brief

The brief called for a revamp of an old 4-story shop house with an additional roof garden for the users to enjoy.

The design process includes the derivation of the architecture of the building, its other holistic aspects like its potential use, its recognizable name, exteriority, interiority, program, new content from its immediate context, its historical context, philosophy of slow art, and slow entertainment such as the long lost mandarin orchestra of the place.

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